Bionic Cube Carry Bag


This Custom Draw String Carry Bag is designed to allow the Bionic Cube to be carried as well as the battery and Cable. It is loose fit as our usage trials proved easier instead of wrapping up into compartments each time. Great protection, easy access and stows away with ease in little space when using your Bionic Cube.

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Bionic Cube custom carry bag with a great feel. It is made of high quality ECO Friendly materials that are durable and will provide excellent protection for on the go Bionic Cube users. The Bag is natural color with no dyes added. It is designed to hold the Bionic Cube as well as the battery and cable and room for more. It has a convenient draw string closure so nothing to scratch or damage the cube or your other surfaces.


Weight 40 g
Dimensions .5 × 21 × 22 cm


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