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Everyone deserves access to cleaner air. 

The story of the Bionic Cube goes back to 2012. Our team of aviation engineers were involved with installing some of the first bi-polar ionization devices into private aircraft. Over the following seven years, we watched as the installation and retrofitting of air conditioning systems in aircraft and public buildings using this technology became more understood, widespread, and proven.

In 2020, worldwide awareness of the need for better indoor air quality intensified. We naturally pivoted to our experience in this area. In January 2020, we started designing the first Bionic Cube prototypes.

Sketches of the Bionic Cube
Our first prototype with a handmade metal housing
Different versions of prototypes

Because of the solid reputation and long legacy of laboratory-backed ionizers, we leveraged our previous experience and knowledge of this technology. Using available off-the shelf components to house the plasma ionizers, we produced the first Bionic Cube concepts. 

It was a moment of success to have our first portable unit! We rushed these prototypes out to family members involved in healthcare, as well as those with health conditions. In those quarantine and lockdown times, we weren’t content to sit by idly when there was a clear opportunity for us to help improve indoor air quality.

The impact was immediately obvious. Our family noticed a measurable improvement in the air quality inside their homes. But, we couldn’t stop there! We continued to refine the design and materials to bring the very best solution to market.


Bionic Cube Certifications

The Bionic Cube has been tested and is certified with CE, FCC, and UL. It has also been tested by independent labs for efficacy, ozone, and PM 2.5.  We continue to test our cubes in the Bionic Laboratory and will further invest in outside testing as the Bionic Cube Brand grows.

Standard UL 867/2998 Approved

Each Bionic Cube is powered by our custom Bionic Aire Ionizer, and has Underwriters Laboratory Standard UL 867/UL 2998 approval.

Where Are We?

Designed and Manufactured
In the USA & Taiwan 

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Special Thanks

To all of our Kickstarter Backers and Supporters.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and those who will support us into the future.

Thank you for believing in us and helping to improve indoor air quality, worldwide.

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