The Portable Filterless Air Purifier

Create pure, virus-free air, in any space, wherever you go. Ozone free.

Fights Viruses & More
Bi-Polar Ionization

Technology That’s Proven to Remove…

99.9% Airborne Viruses (such as SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19)
80% Surface Viruses (COVID-19)
98% VOCs and Odors
85% Bacteria
92% Mould Spores
Up to 86% Dust Particles

*** Based on real results from controlled tests by Major Manufacturers and other Global Certified Testing Laboratories***


How It Works

Bionic Cube uses ozone-free, bipolar ionization technology to elevate positively (O2+) and negatively (O2-) charged oxygen ions in your personal space. These oxygen ions are naturally created and exist in the air we breathe outdoors, however they are far less abundant in cities and especially indoors. While the elevated oxygen ions are natural and safe they are also extremely effective. These ions are capable of neutralizing pathogens (viruses, bacteria, mold spores), odors, harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and reducing allergens like pollen, to vastly improve your indoor air quality.

Bionic Cube’s high-powered, efficient, six-speed fan launches charged air particles into your space at speeds up to 4.5 m/s (meters per second), rapidly treating 28+ square meters (or 300+ square feet).

Bionic Cube features include:

• One button operation.
• High powered, energy efficient, 6-speed fan.
• Fan speed LED light indicator.
• Hexagonal design for maximum strength and lightness.
• USB-C power connection.
• An ozone-free oxygen ion generator.
• Anti-Static and UV treated ABS components.
• Fault / Problem LED light indicator.

Bipolar Ionization Demystified

Bionic Cube uses the latest ozone-free needlepoint Brush Type bipolar ionization technology which should not be confused with ozone emitting corona discharge ionization or older ion generators. Bipolar ionization technology has been around for decades, but the ion generators in the past used perishable glass tubes that would create potentially harmful ozone during the process. However, the needlepoint modules, developed in the mid-2000’s, inside every Bionic Cube do not create harmful levels of ozone and have been tested in accordance with UL Standard 867 which limits ozone to 0.05 parts per million by volume and UL Standard 2998 which emits zero ozone (.005 parts per million by volume).

Super Easy To Use

Using Bionic Cube is as easy as 1-2-3, simply plug it into a USB power source, turn the power on, and select your fan speed. All with one-button, then just sit back and relax; there are no filters or replacement parts.

How Bionic Cube Compares

Who Else Is Using The Same Technology?

Hotels, airports, railway stations, schools, casinos, and other businesses depend on Bipolar Ionization technology to provide robust and reliable bipolar ionization. We have adapted the well-respected Plasma Air product into a new and better suited ionizer for our Bionic Cube system to provide you with that same exceptional performance and ultra low power consumption without compromising quality.

Clean Air Matters

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